Monday, February 7, 2011

why did i get married?

 today is our anniversary.  we have been married 8 years today.

my husband is amazing.  we met at a bowling alley on feb. 14th, 2002.  we were married on feb. 7th, 2003.

the first thing i noticed about him when i met him was his eyes.  he has beautiful eyes.  and, he's a great hugger.  and, he loves Jesus.  

my roommate in college came home from work one day and said, "you've got to meet this guy i work with.  he's just like you.  he loves Jesus.  he's happy.  and, he loves kids."  i was like, "okay."  so she said she was going to ask him if he wanted to go on a double date on valentines day.  

she came home from work the next day and said, "he says he'll have to pray about it."  i was like, "WHAT?!"  this is the guy for me.   he's praying about it?  sweet.  turn on number one :)  well, she goes to work and comes home again and says, he said it sounds like fun.  so, on valentines day i met michael hullinger at chippewa bowling alley and then we went to steak and shake.  then we talked in his car for about 3 hours.  it was pretty much love at first hangout for me.  time went on, and it seemed like there were a lot of periods of waiting on my end, but we did get married less than a year later so really...  i must never have waited too long :)

reasons i am in love with michael hullinger.

*he loves Jesus.
*he loves me.
*he loves my son.
*he is funny.
*he is smart.
*he is cute.
*he is witty.
*he is sensitive.
*he has a good memory.
*he is an awesome dad.
*he is an awesome husband.
*he is strong in the Lord.
*he is continually looking for ways in which to be closer to Him.
*he is a leader.
*he loves people.
*he is strong.
*he is awesome with kids.
*he listens to his music with headphones on.
*he is nice to me.
*he listens to music that i will enjoy without headphones on.
*he loves music.
*he lets me go on vacations sometimes... and he stays home to work.
*he provides for me.
*he's a safe driver.
*he picks up after himself.
*he lets me use his things. (i just broke his computer bag while on vacation)
*he's got an awesome tattoo.
*he's got a cute smile.  i love it when he smiles.
*he's got a really good heart.
*he likes me more than the tv. (and the tv is pretty awesome)
*he is a good listener.
*he is a good story teller.
*he is an excellent writer.
*he gets me really nice cards.
*he's good at trivia.

i could go on and on.  i am more in love with michael hullinger today than i was the day that we met.  i love him more than tacos.  i love him more than my really comfortable couch.  i love  him more than my computer. i love him more than life itself.  i can't imagine life without him.  

thanks God, 
for giving me a best friend in my husband, michael.
i love you,

and thank you michael... for being my best friend.  i love you.


  1. I was gonna write a list about you too, but the internet didn't have enough space. Love ya babe! Happy Anniversary! Now let's go get some egg yolk sauce.

  2. ugh... egg yolk sauce... if i would only have made a list of things i didn't like...

  3. Mmm...tacos.

    Happy anniversary, kids! You two have been a blessing to me.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of joy and love!

  5. Happy anniversary friends! You guys are awesome and such an encouraging example of a godly marriage for us. :) Thanks!