Thursday, February 3, 2011

stuck on vacation

sounds great, doesn't it?  i'm sure a lot of people would love being stuck on vacation.  think about it.  there's a snow storm at home.  everything has been cancelled because of the bad weather.  including your flight to get home.  the thing is...  my husband and son are at home, and i was supposed to be home yesterday afternoon.  i came on vacation not to get away from my husband and son, but to enjoy my friends out here in california.  and, honestly, it's beautiful out here.  the weather is nice.  everything about this vacation has been smooth.  so, no real complaints on this end.  it's been a great vacation.  but really... i was ready to come home to my fam yesterday.  well, when i found out that i couldn't make it there because the airport was closed i had to make a choice.  i could either wallow in self pity...  or pity for my husband and son that don't get to see me... (sounds pretty arrogant)  or i could enjoy this warm weather and go see some more sites...  unfortunately my friends had to resume life as they know it so i couldn't hang out with them any longer.  but, fortunately my mom came on this trip with me, so i am not alone!  so, i did it... i went into hollywood yesterday.  it was a lot of fun.

i thought of my friends and familly a lot... i found spiderman, and was immediately thinking about my son.  so, i  took this picture for Mazerick...  Spiderman was walking around, and he posed with me!

i saw bigfoot and thought of my friend jeff.  so, i took a picture of my hand in his.
i saw samual jackson and thought of my friend byron, and all of my friends and family at church and the good times we have!

and i saw robin williams, and well... i just love robin williiams so i took my picture with him!

and, the last picture that i'm posting on my blog made me think of all of my friends and family that are back home freezing in the SNOWpocolipse...  wish i was there with you.... kind of...

glad i get to come home to all the smiling faces in the midwest... i've missed everyone!!!!  but, man... this weather is nothing to complain about :)

so, yesterday we missed our plane... but, we got to go into hollywood, california with no agenda.  it was relaxing.  my plane leaves in a few hours and i'm more than ready to see some smiling faces in the freezing cold.

Blessings everyone!

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