Tuesday, February 8, 2011

on love and redemption

the following is from a book i'm reading, but man... it's something worth dwelling on.

a girl is speaking to a guy about love and redemption...

     "you've got this weird notion that you have to earn her love, when love can't be earned.  She's got to give it, just like Christ himself's given you redemption by taking on the Cross.
     Christ had redeemed him.  Logically, he knew it.  But, knowing it, and feeling redeemed in your heart were 2 different things.  And, try as he might, he hadn't figured out the key to the second one."  

i suggest inserting your name wherever it says he.  go back and reread it.  insert your name where it says he.  act like it's directed towards you... i did, and, wow, am i pondering.  i'll share more later on it.  i'd love to hear what it brings to your mind as well.

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