Thursday, February 3, 2011

influential people

You know, most of us don't even realize that we are influencing people all of the time.  Let me tell you a true story.  It's the reason my son has the name Mazerick.

My husband Michael was going to a church when he was 17 or 18.  He was talked into counseling at Camp Raybird.  Someone convinced him that it was his "christian duty."  (not that that's always a bad thing, just made me laugh)   Well, he hesitated because in all reality he was not a fan of kids.  Actually he wasn't fond of them... at all.  Anyway, he did it.... because it was his "christian duty" you know?  He counseled at this camp.

The first kid he met from his cabin was a little boy of 8 or 9 (i think) named Mazerick.  This little boy was blond and full of life.  He was all boy.  He loved looking for frogs, picking up sticks, skipping rocks, you name it.  Anyway, my Michael had a change of heart this week.  He watched Mazerick, and well...  God changed his heart.  And, it was because of the inluence of a little boy that was just being a little boy...  

I don't think that Michael thought about it a ton at the time, but he did end up going into youth ministry.  And, it all started when he met that little boy.  

When I met Michael he said, "There are 2 things I want out of life.  2 things I live for.  I live to be a good husband and father."  (He obviously wants God, and I saw that, but I think you get the picture)  Anyway, I love that about him.  He desires to be a good husband and father.  Those are the 2 things that God has put in his heart.  And, I can assure you that he is.

About a year ago I was at church (The Vineyard), and I was calling Mazerick out of class.  (my Mazerick)  A girl off to the side of the room looked at a guy on the side of the room and said, "Did she just call him Mazerick?  No way!"  Anyway, I walked over to this girl and guy and said to the guy, "Is your name Mazerick?"  And, he said, "yeah.  I've never known anyone else with my name."  We got to talking and I asked him if he had been to this camp that my husband counseled at and had him as a counselor.  And, Mazerick said, "yeah."  We talked for a bit more.

I left church that Sunday amazed that I had just met the kid that my husband had told me about for years...  It actually took years of convincing me to name my own kid that, but now that I know the guy it makes it that much more meaningful to me.  

So, remember.... what you do today might influence people you have no clue about.  Live a good life.

God is good, isn't he?

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  1. Michael and Mazerick are allowed to correct anything I may have "misstated" in this note :)