Tuesday, February 1, 2011

reflecting on the Spirit

i'm in love.  it's true.  and, i truly believe it wouldn't even be possible without the Spirit....  the Holy Spirit that is.  that's right.  even my relationship with my husband is based on the Spirit.  i wouldn't be where i'm at today if it weren't because of the Spirit.

i hadn't given the Spirit a ton of thought until recently.  i mean sure, the Spirit is God.  the Spirit is why we have a personal relationship with God.  the Spirit is.  it just is... but, is it really?  is it just a spirit?  no.  it is not even an it. the Holy Spirit is a person.  He is not an impersonal force or thing.  the Bible constantly describes the Spirit as a person.  matthew 28 talks about how the Spirit is a member of the Godhead, and ephesians 4 talks about how the Spirit is grieved... he has emotions.  would an IT have emotions?  i think not.

there's a ton more about who the Spirit is, but what i'm really focused on is who the Spirit is IN ME...  (at least who he could be in me)

i'm focused today on one specific thing in regards to Him... the Holy Spirit...  okay... here i go again.  my one thing has turned into a million, but let me lay it all out.  let me start from the beginning :)

in mark chapter 13 (i suggest you check it out for yourself as well) there are signs for the end of the age.  at least thats the description in the NIV...  the message describes it as "doomsday deceivers".  a bunch of disciples are asking Jesus... what will the signs be that the end is near?  and Jesus gives them a bunch of signs...  wars, rumors of wars, a bunch of people claiming to be (or Jesus), nations rising against nations, earthquakes, famines, etc. (my paraphrase)  He tells them to be on their guard (or He tells us to be on our guards)  He tells us we will be brought before officials and brought to trial.  and then He says not to worry about it.  it almost seems paradoxical, but the more i think about it the less i think so... because if we put all of our trust in the Spirit then our minds automatically depend on Him to give us exactly what we need... the exact words.... and He promises as much.  

now i don't think that means to sit on our butts and do nothing.  just expect Jesus to give us the Spirit to save the day.  i think that means that we must seek Him.  we must KNOW him.  we must allow Him to guide us.  if He tells us to go, then we must go.  if he tells us to sit, then we must sit.  if he tells us to do, then we must do.  basically, we must know his voice.  we must listen to it, and obey.  and, well... i'm in.  i'm listening.  i'm obeying.

in looking at these scriptures (there are many more) i am reminded to continue seeking and listening...  and doing whatever it is i am hearing.

"Lord, i know i'm a jerk sometimes, but fill me with your Spirit so that the world will see your work in my life.  i love you."

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