Monday, March 29, 2010

shoplifting friends

so, i've had 2 of my really good friends lately talk to me about shoplifting. neither one of them did it, and i haven't shoplifted since i was like 8. i was at the dairy queen, and instead of paying a nickel or a quarter for a piece of candy i just took one. on the way home my dad said, "what do you have in your mouth?" and when i told him he took me back and made me apologize and pay for the piece of candy. yeah. i never shoplifted again :)

anyway, i just found it humerous that within a week of each other they both told me stories or recent desires to shoplift. of course they weren't serious, but it was funny.

one of them wanted to steal a reference book from a library for me. now that is funny.

and another one wanted to steal a strap off of a swimsuit at a store because her aunt threw hers away. her aunt thought it was a sunglass string or something i don't know. ridiculous. i told her she should make her aunt buy her a new suit. anyway, she said... "i just felt too guilty. i couldn't do it" good times.

my friends are funny.

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