Thursday, April 1, 2010


is awesome. are you living in true freedom?

i mean, i'm sure there is even more than what i've got, but i feel pretty darn good. i feel like God is allowing me to see the world through His eyes. i believe i am learning more DAILY. sure, i screw up. i'll be the first to admit. but, my eyes are on Jesus, and that is why i think i'm living in freedom.

so, when you hear the words, "true freedom" what do you think? do you think it' s possible for anyone to live in true freedom? i think true freedom is just the ability to look towards Jesus at all times, and be willing to follow Him wherever He leads. and being open to HIS calling.

where are you? are you free?


  1. I don't think it's only about following after Christ. Maybe it is.. I picture true freedom as the ability not to worry about things I can't change, and not to have fear about where my next mortgage money is coming from. I don't think it means I shouldn't pay attention to those things or try to do things to make sure I have money for the things I need, but that even when I don't have that money - something will work out. I think that doesn't mean that I will somehow get the money, although it happens for some people, but that even if I lose my house, God's providing for me. Shoot, even if I'm on the street corner begging for money to feed my family and sleeping under a bridge, I know that I'm cared for. It might not always FEEL like freedom, fortunatly freedom isn't a feeling. Maybe it is though in some respects. I think it does feel like peace. That's it. To me, Freedom is the ability to feel at peace with myself and my surroundings. AND probably the only way to REALLY do that is to be following after and trusting in Christ. So there, you win.

  2. totally right on! it's more than that small paragraph i wrote. there's a lot that goes along with it. and that. is why. i want people to expound. on what i. wrote.