Saturday, March 6, 2010

just some late night thoughts...

as a Christian... my goal, and i would imagine the goal of other Christians, is to lead people to Christ.. personally, it is in my life statement (i kind of stole it, but i think it's cool)... to know God and make him known... anywho, this was on my mind.

my purpose... to know God and make God known.... sure, i've led people to Jesus... by my actions.

but how many people have i made run the other way? how many people have seen me and thought, "man, if that's what Jesus has to offer, i'm out" how many people have i been a complete a-hole to? and then said, "you need Jesus."

i'm sure there are more that i would like to remember... anyway, what do i do about that? not much can be done for a lot of those people. there may be a few that i can change an opinion. but, it's not going to come overnight. they are going to have to see me living a life full of Jesus... and seriously, full of him... in a good way.

but for those that i can't reach... i can pray. i must repent, turn away from, my ways... and ask God to fill me with his ways. and start over. there is no time like the present. our greatest days are just ahead :)

let's do this. let's love God. let's know Him and make him known.

and for those of you reading this that have made people run the other way, just think about it... is there something that God wants you to do?

and on another note... who am i trying to please? is it God? or is it some other person? another thing i'm thinking about...

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