Tuesday, March 16, 2010

progress is good

so, i have a friend that's great with adminstrative stuff... and she is really, really, really a great help with everything for the youth center. things are coming along, and it's great. i'm getting a lot of stuff on paper, and within a month or so i'm sure i will have more to share!

i helped my friends jen and randy on saturday getting ready to move into their new house! woot. woot. it's awesome, and i'm really happy for them! funny thing was... i was really tired when i got home that evening. it was totally worth it though. but, i found it humerous when watching the news... it must have been a slow news day in michiana because one of the top news stories was, "woman is arrested for causing an accident while shaving her bikini line" seriously. aren't you glad i shared that. it was worthy enough to be newsworthy, so i figured it was worthy enough to blog about.

i'm going to colorado in june with 2 of my friends. we decided when we were like 18 that when we all turned 30 that we were going on a big trip, and it's here! woohoo! i'm really excited about it.

yesterday i had fun with rachel while mazerick had fun with maggie. we are looking forward to playing again! check out her story at this site Pray for them as they are pretty much confined to their house right now... that's got to be rough!

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