Tuesday, March 23, 2010

more on the youth center...

i think i like the hangout. i'm not ready to put everything out there for everyone to see, but i am making progress. i like the name the hangout. do you?

i've got some goals... a timeline. but, i'll keep those goals to myself for now :) don't want to get to engrossed in sharing information... especially when it's just a goal of mine... thoughts.

i figure more older teenagers will be hanging out than younger, although i'm all about the younger ones coming. it's just that usually the younger ones are a little more apt to stay home. we'll see.

i've got a building that i would love to use, but i've got to talk to the people that own that building. see if they're up for either donating or renting it out or whatnot. i'm working on getting donations and grants. i'm working on getting the nonprofit status. i'm working on a business plan for a nonprofit. i'm networking. i'm seeking out a core group of teenagers that can give me their input. i'm writing. i'm planning. i'm listening to Jesus :)

and most importantly i'm being who He has called me to be, and doing what he has called me to do. be an awesome wife and mom with a passion for reaching other kids in the community.


  1. You amaze me! You're doing a great job seeking out the plans God has for you, not just sitting back and waiting for them to happen to you. I'm certain that God loves that. I love how eager you are and how much energy you get from this work. Praise God for your obedience.

  2. that is awesome Melissa! I love hearing your progress. I saw a book at the library yesterday I wanted to steal(it was in the reference section) for you about starting non-profit businesses. I'll keep praying about this for you too. :)