Friday, March 5, 2010

more on the youth center

i've been talking to people at the post because they are very similar to what my vision is. actually, it's when i learned about the post that i felt like God said YOU NEED TO DO THAT TOO... in bremen! so, that's exciting. and, i'm following his lead. i had a meeting yesterday with jim from horizon here in bremen... and that went well. he was very open and had a lot of good things to say. i learned a lot from him! shout out to jim at horizon! (those are 2 different links for horizon.) on monday i've got a meeting with another friend, brad thornton, who is also a youth pastor in town. on tuesday i'm meeting with a friend that works at young life who hooked me up with indiana youth institues youth workers cafe! and then later on tuesday i'm going to meet with josh walters who runs the student center at one of the churches in town. and on thursday i'm going to the youth workers cafe! so excited! exciting things are happening! God is at work!

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