Wednesday, March 17, 2010

slow down and relax

sometimes in life we get so excited about what God is doing in and around us that we forget to slow down and remember why He's got us where we are currently. at least that's how it's been for me the past few days/weeks. i've got a lot going for me. i really do. i feel like God is taking me in some really cool directions.

but... today i just stopped for a bit in this beautiful weather and said, "God, what do you want of me? What are you trying to do IN me?" and i waited. i just listened.

it was good. i came away from it remembering that God put me where i am right now... at home full time with mazerick. and, one thing i've really been learning from that... about who God is and who i am... is that my lifes purpose is not to DO great things for God, but to BE a great person, inside. God made me who i am, and He doesn't expect me to do, do, do. *except when i've got to go to the bathroom*

so anyway, that's where i'm at. i am excited about what God is doing through me, but more important i am excited about what God is doing in me. i am excited about how i am coming to rely upon him, and how i am learning to slow down. i am learning that he loves me for who i am... not for what i do. the rest is just a benefit :)

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