Thursday, March 4, 2010

all bets off?

so tonight we went to hacienda. good times were had by all. our great awesome friends were talking about how it was funny to see their daughter try to eat 3 saltines in 30 seconds last night. i was like, "i can do that." so, they asked for the crackers. yeah. i couldn't do it. but, i will practice. i will be able to do it :)

and michael brought up... drinking a gallon of milk in an hour. and i was like, "i can do that." and he bet me... he came up with what he gets if he wins... and i couldn't think of what i wanted if i won... but i've got it now. i want a kindle. awesome. i could read books without having to turn pages... it would be awesome. anyway. a kindle. i want one. so, within the next few days. i will do it. i will drink a gallon of milk in one hour. and keep it down. watch me. be continued....

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