Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bremen Youth Center

I have a dream. My dream is of a Youth Center that I would run in Bremen. I need volunteers, suggestions, and a lot of help! If you have any ideas, or resources please let me know. I don't have all of the details yet, and I don't have any resources, but I'm available and ready to get this launched! Below is a brief informal presentation of what I've got in mind...

The Youth Center
Wouldn't it be great if the teenagers in Bremen had a place that they could hang out, and not worry about getting into trouble?
The Youth Center exists for teenagers that don't feel like they belong anywhere. They don't participate in extra curricular activities at school. They don't go to church. They just don't feel accepted. And here at the Youth Center they are accepted.
We don't exclude anyone. So, if someone is really involved in sports or some other activity and they want to hang out at the youth center they are more than welcome.
There will be some life skills groups that students can participate in. We will have an open Bible Study. We will have music, and air hockey table, pool tables and ping pong tables to entertain. There will be some couches, chairs, and tables and chairs to play board games. If the space is large enough I would like to have an area with a basketball hoop as well.
The Youth Center will be run by volunteers. We will be a non-profit organization. Students will not be charged to come hang out. For now, I will be the only full time staff. Hopefully I will eventually be able to hire one or two more full time or part time staff to help out more. This will add depend on how we get money coming in. I am thinking that we will have to be supported by local businesses and churches or something like that.
We will be open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 4 to 1/2 hour before curfew.
One minor detail... I don't have a place to run this youth center out of. And ideas are welcome!


  1. Fantastic fantastic! I knwo there are a lot of kids that need a place like this. Just some place where they can be accepted. So many of our kids don't even feel like they fit in, or are loved in their own homes. A place like The Youth Center can help to fill a gap in their lives. It's likely to impact these kids in ways you'll never know - and keep some kids out of trouble that would get them into the juvi system! Blessings upon you as you begin to look at what it will take to reach this calling

  2. Melissa, that is an awesome idea and it sounds like something you'd love to do. But I am like you and have cool ideas and don't know how to implement them. Sounds like a great thing for kids though. Maybe you could start with a church or community building that already exists and go from there.