Friday, May 28, 2010

another mazism...

so, mazerick has this new thing, which i am pretty sure i can attribute to grandpa bruce dickie.... it's called funny joke time. he'll tell me some ridiculous joke like, "there were two guys walking down the street and they got hit in the head with toilet paper." or something like that. so i started telling him knock knock jokes...

knock knock: who's there?
dwayne who?
dwayne the bathtub i'm dwowning.

knock knock: who's there?
jello who?
jell0 hit the tv.

knock knock: who's there?
apple who?
apple hit the tv.

like how they go? we laughed really hard. that's all that really mattered. he wanted to do them all night. he kept saying... knock knock. knock knock. knock knock. he just wanted to keep doing "funny joke time." finally i said, okay i get the last one. he was like, okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

knock knock: who's there?
good who?
good night.

hahahahahahahahahahaha. he laughed and laughed and laughed. i shut his door and he yelled... hahahahagoodnight!

a good ending to the day :)

however, 2 hours later i hear him crying. he never cries in the middle of the night.. he's an awesome sleeper. so, i come upstairs to check on him. his door is open. i say, maz, where are you? he keeps crying. i begin to worry. what if he's on the roof again? that would suck. anyway. i walk down the hall... the crying continues. where are you maz? crying "i'm in your room." he's pretty hysterical. i get to my room... he is underneath the covers and the pillows. i say, what is wrong? he cries hysterically... i dropped my teddy. oh my. so i give him his teddy. by this time daddy is also upstairs. he picks maz up and comforts him.. anyway, maz wants to lay in here with us for a while. so, i decide it's time to stay upstairs. i'm talking with maz a bit.

"why were you crying?"
"cause i dropped my teddy."
"why didn't you just get down to get it?
"it was real dark and kind of scary."
"why did you come in here?"
"i touched my mickey nightlight cause i wanted to see if it was hot, but i touched the side and it wasn't hot and then i turned it and the side wasn't hot, but the lightbulb was, and then i unplugged it. so i went to the bathroom and then came to your room. i want to watch baseball. does daddy like baseball..."

i think he's fine :)

so i took him back to his room.

"can we do funny joke time?"

what a kid :)

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