Sunday, May 9, 2010


i've been thinking about all of my blessings. in no particular order they are my husband, my son, my extended family, my house, my junky car (that i'm hoping will last forever), my lawn (even though i have to mow it), my health, my Jesus, my friends, my stuff (all this stuff in our house that we've got), michaels job, my joy.

i know there are a ton more blessings in my life. the above are just a few that came quickly to mind. my son makes me laugh. a lot. let me tell you a story about my day yesterday.

michael and i were at concord mall. we needed new cell phones... our old ones are junk, they were falling apart, not working, just time for new ones. so, we're in the us cellular store getting ready to make the final purchase. they are transferring all of our old information from our old phones onto our new phones. i randomly show the sales guy the picture of the kids on my wallet. on the picture is mazerick, zane, brody, and morgan. those are my brothers kids and mine. i claim them all :) anywho. so, the sales guy was like.... "is this a joke? are those your real kids? that looks like a faux-photo." now that was awesome. it made my day. and, many days to come i'm sure :) it got me thinking about how blessed i am. no, those children aren't fake. i didn't photoshop them in the picture. those are real children! those are my children! well, they aren't all my children. only one really is, but i have called my brother and sister in law and told them that since i've only got maz, who is absolutely awesome i am just going to pretend. so, i've got 4 of the cutest kids in history. just saying :)

our God is good. he has blessed me. i'm sure he has blessed you too. think about it :)

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