Monday, May 10, 2010

lifes changes

*disclaimer* i am definitely not an expert on parenting, but i do have some thoughts and opinions. they are written below.

when you have a kid your entire life changes. and as that kid grows up life continues to change.

~the thing that used to be the main thing (yourelf) is no longer the main thing anymore. that is how it is for the first couple of years.

~you forget what life was like before that kid was born.

~you are 100% responsible for that kid.

~you love like you never dreamed of loving.

~you have to keep reminding yourself that there comes a time when i will no longer be 100% responsible for my child.

~the time comes when the kid makes their own choices.

~i can't be by his side ALL of the time.

~the most important thing in my life is not the yard or the house, but it's my family.

~Jesus loves us all no matter what we do.

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