Wednesday, May 12, 2010


so, i went to my moms to borrow her lawn mower. i got her new weed eater too. it's fantastic. it was really cold out so i figured... what a great time to mow the lawn. i also used my moms old ford aspire to bring the lawnmower over here. (the picture above is similar to what my moms car look like minus the yellow) anywho... so, my mom is helping me load the lawnmower and weed eater into the hitch. she tells me... "be careful that the hitch doesn't fall on your head. it hurts" at one point the hitch begins to fall and we are able to catch it before it hits either of us. oh yeah. another funny thing... this particular car is very old... over 200,000 miles... a wabberjocky stick... like, you've got to pull it up and make it in the exact right position in order to shift gears... and i haven't driven a stick in YEARS.... so, we get the stuff in the car... and i leave to go to my house... that experience in itself was pretty humerous... simply because i decided it was probably best to go really slow and just keep the car in first gear. i did pretty good. i only stalled one time and had to start the car over, and no cars were behind me :) the one time a car was behind me i was at a stoplight and able to make it go pretty smoothly :) anywho, so i get to my house and get michael to help me get the lawnmower out. we open the hitch and begin getting it out. of course i forgot that the hitch falls easily. so what happens? as michael and i are lifting the lawnmower out of the car the hitch falls and gets me right in the head. OUCH! i fell to the ground, held my head, and cried for a few minutes... when i realized blood wasn't oozing everyhere and i wasn't dying i saw the humor in it. pretty quickly as a matter of fact. i may have given myself a concussion because i "forgot." oh my. hopefully next time i remember. so, i started to mow the lawn... i'm about half way finished when it starts pouring down rain... i had about 5 more strips to finish the front lawn so i decided to go ahead and at least finish the front. it will at least look better from the main road :) so now... i'm soaking wet... with some ibuprofen in my system for the pain in the head :) blogging... laughing... and simply enjoying being home with my awesome family :) with a 1/2 mowed lawn.

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  1. Heh.. my lawnmower in the rain story ends with a large 2nd degree burn on my knee from trying to put the darned thing back in the front seat of my car while the motor was still hot... still have a scar