Friday, May 21, 2010


sometimes God speaks to us loud and clear. sometimes it's because we are listening. sometimes it's because we want something specific. sometimes it just is.

have you ever been praying about something and God kind of does a u-turn on you? have you ever figured out when God speaks to you the most? have you ever tried to stop your thoughts and say, okay God, speak to me what you want to? have you ever been thinking about one thing specifically and God cuts in and tells you something that you feel is totally random to what your agenda had in mind?

yeah. God did that to me tonight. and, it helped me figure something out. God speaks to me in these late hours. i wanted to be sleeping. i tried to sleep. after i had laid in bed for over an hour i began praying. praying for this youth center that God has put on my heart. praying for children. praying for our family.

and guess what God did...

in regards to family he said, "Do not worry. You will have more childen."

but later, yeah, later.... after i continued praying, for the youth center.... and specifically for a building.... guess what He does to me. he says.... LOUD AND CLEAR.... "Stop drinking mountain dew."

Boo. yeah, totally not a fan of that. but.... when God told Jonah to go somewhere and he didn't.... uh, well.... not so good things happened to him... so, guess i will stop drinking mountain dew. it's a sad day.


  1. praise God for how he has spoken to you and cares about you!! that is awesome. thanks for sharing. I have been praying that for you guys...well I didn't pray about the mountain dew but that is funny. love ya!
    God speaks to me a lot at night too when I want to be sleeping. ;) funny.

  2. i've got a feeling that the you will have more children may or may not be what people think of when i say that.