Sunday, May 23, 2010

what's to it...

sometimes we get off to a rough start. it could be a day, a job, a relationship, a game.... just about anything. well, today i felt like i got off to a rough start. mazerick and i came downstairs at about 8 this morning. i give him something for breakfast, but instead of eating he brings me some oreo cookies. i tell him he needs to eat some cereal or something halfway healthy before he eats oreos. i know. i'm such a mean mom. anyway, he just throws a fit. starts crying/whining... whatever you want to call it. i tell him as long as he is whining i am not going to get him anything. a few minutes later he says... mom, we need to go put my pull up on the trampoline.

*side note.... i got him an alligator pool yesterday at a garage sale for 5 bucks... have i said i love garage sales lately? well, I love garage sales!

anyway, i laughed and we went about our day. i picked up around the house... he ate some yogurt for breakfast... didn't want to eat anything more... just wanted the oreos. didn't get the oreos, but anyway... i let him watch some cartoons while i picked up and took my shower. once i was ready i said... okay maz, lets go... and if you do a good job while i'm helping my friend move then you can come home and we can set up your pool.

let me fast forward a little bit here. i have the pool up and mazerick is having the time of his life with 2 neighbor boys. it was so fun to watch. yes i got wet, but it was definitely worth seeing the smiles on their faces, and hearing their laughter :)

anyway... the boys eventually left and mazerick kept saying... "come on mom... come in and get baptized..." so cute. definitely the highlight of my day :)

so i said all of this to say... sometimes it doesn't matter how you start out... God'll work it all for good :) every last bit of it.

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