Saturday, June 5, 2010

conversations of a strange man :)

today we were at a party. it was lots of fun... God is good! miracles all around us, but today we were celebrating our good friend maggie who is now cancer free!

my son had a few conversations with a friend of ours that i shall refer to as a strange man :) he shall remain nameless...

strange man: do you know your grammy stinks?
maz: hmmmm.
strange man: do you have any girlfriends?
maz: no. they are not nice to me.
strange man: are you nice to everyone?
maz: yes.
strange man: you shouldn't be nice to grammy. she stinks.
maz: layla is nice to me.
strange man: did you get to see grandpa this morning?
maz: yeah. he got me a balloon. it's cool.
strange man: if i come to your house i will pop your balloon.
maz: that man over there has an angry face on.
strange man: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

strange man, if you happen to read this, i love ya! but don't pop my sons balloons :)

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