Saturday, November 28, 2009

the day after...2 days after:)

This year the week of Thanksgiving was great. It began at my moms.... that was last Sunday. And Saturday I was reunited with an old friend. A game called Loser/Idiot. I had learned this game while in YWAM, but had since forgotten it. I'm so glad to be reunited! Thanks Brian and Jenna! Anywho... so Sunday we went to my moms for Thanksgiving, as her and my amazing step-dad left for Branson on Tuesday to be with other family. It was a good time... unfortunately Bruce and Anna were neither feeling well, so after dinner they slept... but, that's part of Thanksgiving right? Right. Michael was in the computer room, watching tv. The kids were downstairs. I LOVE that I can let him play downstairs, and not have to worry! And, my mom, brother and I played Loser! Good times. And the food was great too! Then on Thursday we went to Michaels moms, ate, sat on the couch watched football (boring), and relaxed all afternoon. And then yesterday Michael went back to work. Yesterday and today have been a bit lonely, but I put of the tree and the stockings... and we filled Maz's stocking with match-box cars! And then yesterday... he got into it! He only pulled one car out though... so, he doesn't know it's FULL of them. Anyway, Michael said... we told you to wait and not look yet. Maybe we should give all of your other presents in your stocking away. And then we proceeded to tell him that if he looked again we would give everything away. And Maz cried in time out :(

And then this morning... Maz got up and said, "Is it Christmas?!" And I said, "No. Christmas is coming." When I went to take a shower I was a bit worried that he would look again. So I said... what happens if you look in your stocking, Maz? He gave his typical response... I dunno. I said, We will give all of your presents away. He said... That would be sad. I don't want that to happen. and the day was good :)

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  1. What if you're like me and you never get anything in your stocking anymore??