Monday, November 16, 2009


I've got some good friends... and I've got some God-friends... I MISS Caleb and Angela SOOOOOOOO bad. I do. I texted my friend Jenna today and said, "I need a cigarette and a beer." And, I don't drink! Or smoke! Sometimes you just get stressed, ya know? It's not typical that I get stressed. But, sometimes.... it just happens. After I texted that to Jenna I prayed a bit... I said, "God! What do you want of me here? Should I go after this job? It is stressing me!" I heard, "Go for it, but don't stress over it. I want you to be happy with life. If you get it, you get it. If you don't you don't. Be happy in ME." So, here I am.... happy in Jesus. But, totally thankful for my God-friends. There are some people that I really want to hang out with more. Some that I LOVE hanging out with. Well, actually... I don't hang out with people if I don't want to:) But, there are people that I wish I was with more... like Caleb and Angela! Oh, how I miss them! I was thinking of them today, and wallowing in my misery, when Angela called! Yay! A phone call from Angela! So, I said to her... if Michael and I die I want you to take Maz. Sure, it's random, but it's just a fact of life. I told her they would also have to live in our house so that he could be close to family :) Not that we're planning on dying, but what if? Anyway, she asked Caleb what he wanted for his birthday, and he said... "I want to play double-bid with Michael and Melissa." Ugh. I wish. I told them they need to move back. Time will tell. I'm glad they are in Colorado though. It's a great place.... FOR NOW... then my freaking phone died. ANGER!

Anywho... I'm so glad that Tara talked about God-friends yesterday. It brought a lot of people to mind. Love you everyone!

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  1. Weird, Aj and I talked about doing a will finally, ughem, Maggie is 16 mos old...anywho...what if? ugly thought, didn't like it! I don't want anyone to have Maggie but Me and Aj...:)