Monday, November 9, 2009

people... and coffee houses

people at coffee houses shouldn't be so loud. i understand it's a social place... so, i'm not really talking about people that go to coffee houses to be social. be social. it's cool. but if you work at a coffee house.. don't be so noisy. come on. seriously. and leave your drama at home. i don't care if your bank account got messed up and you were late paying the rent. i don't care if your boyfriend is being stupid. i don't care. i love you, but i don't care.

my oh so amazing husband is "leading" our class tonight. he will be facilitating for the song of solomon class that we are assisting. should be fun. unfortunately, the stinking devil knows it and is attacking. the jerk. anywho... God is still good. God is still on his throne. i am happy.

my life is good. i am blessed. listening to God. gonna read messy spirituality. excited. gonna live it. good times.

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