Friday, November 6, 2009


what defines you? what do you enjoy? what makes you laugh? if you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be?

hmmmmm..... what defines me? well, i'm pretty sure Jesus defines me. what the heck does that mean? it means that he's why i do things. i laugh because he's given me joy and freedom. i feel happy because he's blessed me. i feel sad for others/or myself because they are going through hard or sad things and Jesus has given me compassion. i love because Jesus has given me a heart to love others.

what makes me laugh? people. myself. my kid. good food. television. words. movies. my husband. being tickled. blogs. my mom. hogface. good stories. tennis. ugly dogs. cute dogs. dead cats. books. kids.

speaking of tennis one of my friends last night said... "you play tennis? i didn't peg you as the athletic type." well, my friend, let me tell you... you don't really have to be athletic to play tennis. well, not really. i mean, you kind of do. i played tennis in high school (for a year) i played softball growing up. so, if that makes me athletic i guess i am:) but in general, i wouldn't put myself in that category.

if i had to describe myself in one word.... hmmmm.. relaxed.

that's me. what about you?


  1. i would have to admit to it....the word DRAMATIC defines me, I think. well, maybe. Sort of. What do you think? Oh the pressure...

  2. yeah jenna.... i agree. i agree with you too kendra:)

  3. The dead cats is a little disturbing. However, I've told many people that my cat died and you told me that someone stole it to protect me because you know that the truth would be too painful for me. (:

  4. for real christin. we did like your cat:) and our neighbors REALLY did steal it. the jerks. she would meow all of the time and got out sometimes... and they would feed her a different cat food, and they thought we were abusing her... but i swear we weren't she was a good cat... just wouldn't want another:) i swear i didn't lie about it... she really was stolen. i'm sure she is enjoying her life on a farm or something like that now:)