Thursday, December 3, 2009

vivid random memories and chai tea

no... my memories have nothing to do with chai tea. however, i am drinking chai tea. and, i am having memories.... memories from the past... that have nothing to do with anything. just thoughts of rememberance.

i was in 7th grade. i went to lunch at school, and sat with the same friend that i'd been best friends with for years. she said on this particular day, "i'm sorry. that seat is taken." and that was it. that was the end of our friendship. pretty stupid how things can be so petty, and yet so drastically change peoples lives all at the same time. it was that same day that another kid, who seemed to be kind of a loner, said... "you can sit with me." and then it was just an unspoken thing from there... i was then best friends with him. we hung out all of the time. called each other on the phone. complained about being treated like crap from certain people. i went to his house. he came to mine. one day he asked me to be his girlfriend. i said no. he's gay now. that sucks. he's still a great person though. love him. anywho. that's it for that memory.

this chai tea is really good. i just noticed there are 2 transactions on my bank account that are online transactions that i have no clue where they came from... time to investigate. have a wonderful day!

disclaimer: this blog was pretty random and uneventful i realize, but i was due.


  1. I think the best posts are the most random ones that give a glimpse into the most everyday ordinary thoughts but are part of the deepest parts of who you are so keep being random! :) miss you guys. you should come over for a game of double bid. ;)

  2. I'm sure I was mean to a lot of people back in the day...ok, who am I kidding?! I still am mean but I'm not sure I would ever say that to anyone now especially you, bestie. However, I did tell one girl, flat out, in high school "um, yeah. I don't wanna be your friend anymore," and that was that. Good times.

  3. that probably shaped her just as this event shaped me. hogface.

  4. I SHOULD have done that to some of my friends, just sayin.

  5. you guys need Jesus. just sayin.