Wednesday, November 18, 2009

thanksgiving time again...

i have a great thanksgiving time story. it happened to one of my friends from ywam (youth with a mission). i was in denver ywam in 2000. the thanksgiving after the year i was in here's what happened....

my friend, katie, was in a safeway. (that's the stores that they have a lot of places.. it was a few days before thanksgiving. katie was walking around the store minding her own business when she noticed a very conspicuous rather large black woman walking down the aisle. she just happened to follow this lady out of safeway. the manager of the store noticed this lady... she was nearly waddling, but you could totally tell she was trying to get away with something. there wasn't much proof though. so, my friend katie follows her out of the store. about 10 feet from the entrance a 10 pound ham falls out of this ladies shirt... and the lady yells, "fo real do, who phrew dat ham at me!?" so now, at the most opportune times myself, or one of my friends that's heard this story... will randomly yell out, "fo real do, who phrew dat ham at me!?"

good times. hope everyone has a blessed ham this thanksgiving :)


  1. what safeway was it?? maybe i'll go and see if that lady is there trying again this year!! :) that is the best thanksgiving story ever.