Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A new adventure!


7 disciplines for 7 weeks.  And, this will be a progressive journey…. A progressive sacrifice if you will.  I would like to share the sacrifice with you for a few reasons; 1.  Accountability.  Life is made to live together, right?  2.  Encouragement.  There might be something that I say that encourages someone else in their relationship with Christ.  Why wouldn’t I want to do that?  3.  Fun.  I’m looking forward to getting closer to Jesus in this Lenten season.  I think it will be fun.  And, well… I like to share my fun J  Come along for the ride.

Week One 3/9-3/15
In today’s hectic, stressful and violent world, how can we experience the true joy that comes from God? Can we have freedom from anxiety and care, which forms the basis for celebration? Harvey Cox has said that, "..modern man has been pressed so hard toward useful work and rational calculation he has all but forgotten the joy of ecstatic celebration."  (taken from Celebration-a small group study at
Celebration… to experience the true joy that comes from God. 
 On day one of lent I am reminded to be like an ostrich and instead of comparing myself to everyone else focus on what I am blessed with:
Job 39:12-18 says,
“The wings of the ostrich flap joyfully, 
   though they cannot compare 
   with the wings and feathers of the stork. 
14 She lays her eggs on the ground 
   and lets them warm in the sand, 
15 unmindful that a foot may crush them, 
   that some wild animal may trample them. 
16 She treats her young harshly, as if they were not hers; 
   she cares not that her labor was in vain, 
17 for God did not endow her with wisdom 
   or give her a share of good sense. 
18 Yet when she spreads her feathers to run, 
   she laughs at horse and rider.

Lord, Thank you for sacrificing so that I can know you, and eventually live with you forever.  I pray that in these next few weeks I will grow closer to you, and remember that you are the reason I have so many blessings.  I love you Jesus. 

Lovingly Yours,
MamaMely J

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