Monday, March 28, 2011

dear husband

i love you, and i want everyone to know it.  i will shout it from the roof tops!  I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!

he is a great husband.  he provides for mazerick and i by going to work even when he doesn't want to.  (he doesn't want to go because he wants to spend all of his time loving his wife and kiddo)  he loves me by going places with me even when he doesn't feel like it.  you see, he is always pretty content to just say home and relax, but i need to be around people more.  so, there are a lot of times that he will go out with me just so that i can be around other people.  it's cool that he does that.

we have a lot of fun by playing cards together.  a new thing for us is to play a game online together. it's called dominion.  it's a card game that we play together.  it may sound ridiculous to some, but it's a great time.  we can be laying in bed together, (both with our laptops), playing the card game, listening to music, and just enjoying being in each others presence.

my husband... he's one heck of a guy.  i love him.

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  1. You two have always been an inspiring couple to be around. Your love for each other has always been so apparent when I've been around you.

    I don't know if I ever realized it before tonight, but I knew that yours was a marriage to emulate way back when...and I'm so thankful and blessed to report that I totally related to everything that you wrote in this post!

    Al and I listen to music and play on our computers together all the time...well we surf the net mostly, but hey...we're just...being their together, ya know?! ;)

    Love you guys! Can't wait to see you all in June! =]