Wednesday, March 23, 2011

love really does win

*watch out... for those of you that want nothing to do with rob bells love wins...  quit reading here.

for those of you interested in what's been going on surrounding the topic, continue reading.  i have not read "love wins" yet, but i intend to do so.  i have always intended to, as i am a fan of rob bell and his teachings in general.  that's not to say everything he says is 100% agreeable.  if it were, the topic would not be of controversy.  i've read many articles, seen many interview clips, and heard many opinions on the latest controversy.

the latest that i read was this....  ryan yazels blog...  i went to school with him at bethel.  if you are interested in "love wins" or even just the current controversies surrounding it i highly suggest you check out this blog.... and definitely the book.

and really....  when it's all said and done....  love really does win.

and also... leave a comment here!  i'd love to hear what your thoughts and opinions are... spark some lively discussion if you will!


  1. Ok, so yesterday I had typed out this big comment and something happened to it - probably me.

    Let me say that I have always appreciated his videos - I have never read his books. I have appreciated his way at looking at things "outside the box". That being said.....

    I haven't read the book, but I've seen him interviewed and read some reviews.

    This new book, on its premise, I appreciate. Yes, Love does Win. God will always "win". However, when he starts saying that we are creating our heaven here on earth....that is just scary. I want nothing to do with a God that BIG that lets me create my own heaven. My fear is that this book will water down the scripture in a culture that already does that enough on its own.

    God is complex - He is as loving as He is just.

  2. i agree with you. i'm really hoping that i don't find out what all of those that have been pointing fingers at Bell were right. God is good. i am interested in seeing what this book says. i have said that if Bell does go against scripture and start preaching craziness that i would get rid of all of the stuff i have by him. however, i don't know that that would be necessary... kind of one of those "eat the meat and spit out the bones" kind of things.

  3. From what I am hearing...I think you are going to be throwing it all out.

    I was forwarded an article in Christianity Today that spoke pretty poorly on it. I've heard of some others who have read it that were pretty disgusted with it.

    He reportedly says that there is no hell. How can the God who is so just not have eternal consequences for our decisions. Yes He is loving, but He is no more loving than He is just.

    From all that I have been reading this book will only dillute scripture and give fodder to universalists. Yes, it might spur Christians on to "good theological debate", but I am not sure that the debate is worth those negative consequences.

  4. in the interviews i've seen that rob bell has on youtube or at his church he says there is a hell and he says he is stearing people towards Jesus... i know some articles are bashing him and trying to make me believe that he is a heretic and whatnot, but i'm giving the book a chance. maybe i will discuss it more after i read the book, but for now i'm not casting my judgments to what or who rob bell is... or to what or who he is defending... i don't want to take christianity today's word for it, or some other groups word for it... i want to read it and make my own decisions... Spirit led decisions.

  5. oh no. upon more looking into the book i came across this...
    and it makes me very sad... i can't promote it anymore :(

  6. and, it's straight from Bell :(