Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Most of us have a void in our life.  I know that I do.  I'm not sure what the void is, but I know it's there.  I am in general a pretty happy person.  It's my personality to want to be on the go, doing something productive, or at least entertaining, all of the time.  As I was laying here at 9:00 on a Wednesday evening I was thinking to myself, "Why am I just laying here?  Isn't there something I could be doing?"  I know, for some people they would think, "man... it's time to sleep."   But, in my world sleep is not needed right now.  It's just not.  Today was productive, and here's where I see a void in my life.  I got up, hung out with a really good friend that I haven't seen in a long time, and let my kiddo play to his hearts content at Bremen Bounce while I chatted with this old friend.  Then I took my son to see grandma great who lives in the nursing home.  We enjoy stopping in just to say hi and take her on a walk.  I walked into her room, and she was sitting with her back to us, looking out the window.  I whistled upon entrance because that is a fairly regular greeting in our family...  I said, "hey grandma.  how are you?"  She said, "Mean."  I walked around so she could see who was there and asked her again.  Again, she replied, "Mean."  Then I prompted my son to come all the way in and give grandma a hug.  He did, and her entire countenance changed.  She went from "mean" to "thrilled."  Anyway, we proceeded to go on a walk, because that is Maz's favorite thing to do when we visit her.  We dropped her off in the dining room and left to go meet snuggles grandma for lunch.  We had a grand time at lunch and then Maz went home with grandma for 2 days.  I decide I need to take advantage of the time that I have when he is not with me and drive to the movie theatre.  I watched a good movie, talked to a good friend in California, and came home.  We had people over to play a game tonight, and it was fun.  And, then I come in to lie down and am trying to find something to do.  Something to fill this void.  But, really... why must I fill a void?  What is the void?  Why can't I just relax and be content that my day was good?  It was good, and I've been feeling pretty good this last week (mentally and emotionally that is..  physically, not so much, but what do ya do?)  So, I decided to blog.... after googling, "filling a void" and browsed a bit.  I found it interesting that blogging in itself is filling a void.... at least that was someone elses opinion.

I want to be so full of Jesus that I don't feel any void at all.  Is that possible?  Or will there always be something?  Any thoughts?

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  1. Either the void is because you are trying to fill it with something besides Jesus, or that there will always be a little void until we are with Jesus in heaven, where we are meant to be and when we will be fully who we were meant to be. Does that make sense? I feel the void too. For both of those reasons at times.