Friday, October 2, 2009

to join the blogosphere...

i would love to join this blogosphere, but i would also just love to have somewhere to laugh, vent, cry, or do whatever i please. and this is it...

today i am laughing.

my son is funny. i would love to quote him. below are numerous quotes (some with explanations, others not.)

responding to me saying, "hey maz, say super cala fragalistic expialadocious."
*that's lame

a few minutes after i have said "there are no options. we're taking naps."
*there are no options. we're staying up.

i asked maz what he wanted for breakfast...
*ummmm, how about macaroni on the cob.

while jumping on the trampoline...
*hey mom! check me out! i can do jumping jakes!

i'm staying at home a lot more than i used to. we're feeling led that i should maybe be a stay at home mom. we're at least feeling like i should get out of this abusive relationship that i've had with my current employer for the past 3 years. who knows. we do need the money. God help us! so, since i've been staying home with maz more lately i've noticed how much funny stuff he says. and, i'm loving it! so, alas, here i will remember it.

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  1. Kids are so awesome. A little girl I babysit once said, "Um, actually I think this game is called Connect Five" after I won. Gotta love a quick thinker!