Friday, October 23, 2009


so, i quit my job because i felt like God wanted me to stay home with Maz. i had a strong sense that he really wanted me to quit. i'm still sure it's what he wanted me to do. but, not having the extra income is really hard. i keep trying to figure out how to make money. and yesterday, as i was talking about looking for a job michael said, "why are you looking for a job?" and i said... "to make money. that's it." and he said, "don't make an ishmael of it." i didn't really get it. he explained... abraham tried to do it on his own, the whole having kids thing... and he began having sex with his concubines... or servants... to get pregnant so he and sarah could have a child..even though God had specifically told them to WAIT because God said that Sarah would get pregnant... abraham and sarah thought it would be a better idea to do it there way. and ishmael was born... he lived in the wilderness with a wild and hostile attitude towards people... so yeah um... i'm not taking things in my own hands. i'm letting God have control. i will stay home with maz like he told me to. i will follow God and seek him. i will trust him and have faith in him. he told me to stay home with maz. i will do it. i will make our family a better one by doing so. God will provide for us:) it is just scary sometimes:) i'm glad to have an awesome supportive husband and great friends. thank you, God.


  1. Wow! Your husband is great and it's great to have such Godly counsel. I will pray for you and he is right. God will provide. Come get some eggs. :)

  2. Money is overrated, you get used to being broke, it's all have to sometimes say no when you want to say yes for some things, but it's ultimately worth it. You can't get this time back with Maz either :)
    Welcome to the club!

  3. Let's start an "Freebies 4 Mommies" club and try to get rIcH people to "sponsor" us

  4. (Angela)I want to remember what Michael said(about Ishmael) because I do that plenty of times. Like when I feel like i should be working more or making more money but I seem to get called off every time i try to pick up overtime...I think God keeps reminding me then that He knows there are more important things and ways I can spend my time, and that He does provide what is sufficient.