Saturday, October 31, 2009

official. still. feeling blessed.

i love my life. God is good. my family is fun. all is right with the world. i've been reading a lot of fiction lately. i've most recently read some books by kathy herman... i think that's her name. they were good books. about how God is in control... no matter what. there were characters in these books that were struggling with the things of life. nothing to major... well, they were major, but when you put your life in Gods hands it just makes things easier. He is in control. He has a purpose for EVERY person... no matter what. whether we raise kids that end up making horrible decisions, lose a child at a way to young age, have a child kidnapped, lose a best friend, it is easier if we just trust God. yeah... we may get mad at God... and i think that's okay... as long as we don't hold it in and talk to everyone except for God about it. He knows anyway. i guess what i'm saying is... I'm glad i've got God. i can't imagine life without him. it's also a little easier for me because it's really just easy for me in general to trust God... He has blessed me with an immense faith. it's easy for me to believe. i don't have a lot of questions. i'm really easy going. i think part of it is that my dad died when i was 13. the way he raised me.... along with my mom... was an easy going raising i guess you could say. they loved me immensely. they were the best parents a kid could ask for... i never worried about being loved. there are things in life that happened that were hard, but with Jesus we could get through it. and that's what i was taught... from an early age. my dad was sick his whole life... but never complained. i'm pretty sure i've adopted his attitude about life. i'm not sick (thank God), but he was so easy going about everything. i'm lucky. God has blessed me with the heart of my dad. those of you that know my dad now how blessed i was... and am... to have all those memories.. yeah, it sucks that he's not here now... but even after dad died i still had memories... and a great mom... and a great brother... and eventually my mom remarried a great man. so, yeah... i've had tons of blessings in my life... in spite of all of the trials... God is good. and i love him. guess i'm just happy about that today:)

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