Sunday, October 4, 2009


first, to pose a question. is it a bad teaching moment when sitting on the front porch with my 3 year old we are waving at all the people that go by... and when some older people drive by and don't wave back i say, "crazy old people!"? it was fun though.

2 of my friends to note are doing something that i find pretty cool. they are reading through a nonfiction book, whichever they choose at the time, that is uplifting and teaching. novel idea huh? but the catcher is this. they read one chapter a day, and they dwell on it... some people call it "devotions." i have realized recently that the reason i don't do "devotions" is because i don't want to. yep. so, i think i'd like to start doing this same thing only not call it "devotions." no strings attached. we'll see if i can be comitted to it.

wow. i'm sitting here thinking, and looking back on my recent writings and deciding "these writing suck." so, to have a topic. that may make this a little more interesting. or not. we shall see. i'm definitely not going to be like julie in julie and julia and blog about what i cook. though that movie did make me really want to cook. so much for that though. today i reheated pasta. i don't think that counts. and i put some chicken in the crockpot. don't think that counts either.

maz. now there's a subject to blog on. but i don't think he will be the subject of my blogs. how much i love people? a bit too general i think. books? i love them, but don't think people would want to hear my opinions. who knows? jon and kate? ugh. they make me sick! but not them either. makes me mad though. i used to really like that show. so much so that i bought their first season on dvd. now what do i do?!

so... God told me to quit working where i work. guess i should quit already. i've been telling people that i am staying at home, but when people call me i take the shifts because we need money. i am crazy. yep. that pretty much sums it up. quit already girl! quit! quit! quit!

i hate that my son like barbies and pink. on that note. i'll be done for now.

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  1. If it makes you feel better and more encouraged, I struggle with what to blog about sister's blog is good...sometimes it's just a random thought. Its WHATEVER YOU want it to be. I struggle with feeling like I have to post a STORY and a long one at that. Lets agree to eachother that we will blog whatever the hell we want...shall we?!