Sunday, October 18, 2009


so, yeah... yesteday i went to a surprise party for jenna, and it was great. to see the look on jennas face when she came in was priceless. kendra did a great job hostessing. brian did a great job keepin jenna in the dark. and everyone did a great job keeping it a secret. it was good times.

maz said, "party harty" before we got there. he was excited. when he got there he said, "is this party for me?"

and i've decided that should be my philosophy on life. every time something good happens, i should celebrate. today has been a not so good day for me. i went to church... put my happy face on... was nice... loved people... cause that's what i do... but just not really feelin good about myself. ya know? do you ever get like that?

i must admit. sometimes my self esteem or self worth...just not so good. it's unfortunate. i've got an awesome family, awesome friends, and God really provides for me. but sometimes i just feel like dirt. yep. that's about it.

God is good. he'll get me through.

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  1. That is now, I'd say, one of my favorite quotes:) Yeah Maz!