Saturday, October 30, 2010

thoughts to words

i rode into work with michael today. i dropped him off and came to panera to finish my book and have some quiet time. my thought process was pretty amusing. i honestly thought, "i hope i don't see anyone i know. i'm just in the mood to be alone for a bit." and, i really couldn't even believe i was thinking that. anyway, if i didn't want to see anyone i knew then why did i keep looking at every person that i came across. i could have just kept my head in my book and distracted, but nooooooooo..... i had to look at everyone. curiosity killed the cat they say :) anyway, i did not see anyone i know... not yet anyway :)

it's funny how my mind works though. i didn't want to see anyone i know, but i did want to be around people. and, even though i didn't know them i was very much entertained by a family that was sitting near me. it apppeared to be a couple about grandparents age, a woman and her two teenage sons. i wished i would have had my laptop out when they were here because they totally had me laughing with their conversation.

i really like listening to others conversations. unfortunately none that i am hearing right now are blogworthy.

people are funny.

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