Sunday, October 10, 2010

my kid :)

is funny. i could stop there, but i will share a few reasons why.

he completely mimics my husband. luckily i am fortunate enough that my husband is pretty funny too.

maz is playing wii golf with grandpa right now and he just said, "aw, can you believe that, bruce?" in a really cute voice.

he swings around like crazy while playing the wii. a lot of times it doesn't even matter what he is playing. could be baseball. could be golf. could be mario kart.... whatever, the boy is always using his energy :)

he's been on this singing kick. he sings a lot... makes me laugh.

he has this new laugh. it sounds almost fake.

he is better at wii sports than most of us.

he has awesome hair.


  1. favorite line...."he has awesome hair."

    -Erica Stevens

  2. Love it! When ya got funny and awesome kids, ya just have to tell the world. :)