Sunday, October 10, 2010

the irony in my own cynicism

so, i have been thinking, learning, the whole gammut lately. so, we are now part of a house church because that's where we feel God's got us.... making disciples, and my husband really feels called to this. so, i'm in. it has made me a bit skeptical or cynical about the larger church. not 100% because there are still things about the larger church that i absolutely love. but, i do have some cynicism. i love the vineyard church and that's where i normally attend if i go to a larger church. but last night i went to gcc because, well, because my brother asked me. his wife anna plays sax there and she was playing. i don't want to be skeptical, but i just am. it's something that just is. i'm sure most people have things in their life like that. if you do and you'd be willing to share that'd be great. i used to go there and i really liked it. and, i realized last night that i still really enjoy it. bob laurent is one of the pastors there and i've always loved hearing him speak. he spoke last night. the music was good and the message was great. he spoke on exactly what i needed to hear. you should check it out on their website. the ironic part (my cynicism) is that God chose to speak to me through something that i'm just cynical of. and, i don't want to be cynical. i love what they do there. i really appreciate them. go gcc... hats off to ya! not that you need my hat off, but anyway... thanks for what you do :)

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