Friday, April 2, 2010

one thing i learned from my son today

Mazerick is 4. He frequently comes home from preschool and sings his favorite songs, or a new song that he learned.

Today he said. "Mom. There is a new song."

And, he proceeded to sing it....
"On the cross to calvary.
The stone was rolled away.
He is Risen!"

I'm sure those aren't all of the words, but it makes me so happy to know that he is not only being taught at home and at church about Jesus and his love, but he is learning about him at school too. It's awesome that my little guy is learning about Easter the right way :) (nothing against the easter bunny... he's cool too :) )

and, we did pictures with the cousins today and they all did great. i'm excited to see what we got... good times.

and maz can recite the first stanza from psalm 23... caust i'm teaching him... i can't wait until he's got the whole thing memorized like this girl it will be awesome. this is what i want to instill in my son :)

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