Wednesday, April 14, 2010

how do we relate?

i was driving down the highway today. mazerick, who is now 4, asked me to put his window down while we were driving so he could feel the wind on his fingers. so, next thing you now... window is down and maz is enjoying the wind. not 5 minutes go by when i see a teddy fly out the window. maz has used the same teddy since he was born. so, what is a mom to do other than turn around and go look for the lost teddy. so, i pull to the side of the road, and turn back. there it is! it the middle of the lane that we just left. oh no! there is a truck coming. we pull to the side of the road, across the street from where teddy lies. the truck is coming, and goes right over teddy. teddy is safe. the truck stradled him. ;) so, i get out of the car, and run to get teddy. my son is crying by this time, but eventually he has teddy safe and sound in his arms. a lesson is learned.

for mazerick the lesson was simple. if you put things out the window while a car is moving you might drop it. and that could be bad.

for me the lesson was a bit more profound. (and not many things are profound in my life) :) that teddy could be me. or any person really. dangling out the window. we've got hope, but we're also scared. scared that we may fall onto open road and get hit by a truck. and well, mazerick... he would represent the problems in our life. the things that we are allowing to hold us, the things we need to physically let go of, or he could be our safety. and, i thought to myself, "what is holding onto me? is it good? is it bad? do i need to hold on for safety, or do i need to rip myself away for safety? would it be better for me to hang on tight and never let go, or would it be better for me to start prying away.. find the safety in the road?"

and in the end is God driving? would i represent God in the story above? God will turn around. he will pick us up and place me up and put me back into his safe arms. and, even if i made the wrong choice... if i let go when i should have clung or if i clung when i should have let go, God will make everything okay. he will. i will trust in him.

do you find yourself in the story? do you see yourself holding on for dear life to something that God might want you to let go of? do you see yourself trying to rip yourself away from something that God has in place to keep you safe? trust God. he'll take care of you.


  1. I was thinking about this on my very long drive last night. You forgot about poor Teddy. I mean...

    Here we are going through life, things are good. We're loved and secure and safe. Suddenly, for not aparent reason, it feels like someone's dangling us out of a window on a highway - YIKES! How scary is that? Then we realize that the wind on our face doesn't seem so bad, "hey, I can handle this"

    Suddenly.. OH NO! We've fallen onto the hard pavement, we're lost, alone, and afraid. Things have gotten really scary now and there's suddenly little hope. But then, just when things seem black, you see a friend, there is hope afterall. Here he comes!

    Wait, no, you can see your friend.. but... THERE'S A SEMI DRIVING STRAIGHT AT YOU! Somehow, when you know things can not possibly get any worse. You are about to lose everything. What can you do, but lay there and shake?

    Somehow the semi straddles you. That can only be the grace of God. And then, in the moment that you sigh relief, your friend really does come and pick you up. You're not safe yet, you're still on a highway. But you're not alone. Your friend takes you back to the car where you are once again safe, secure, and loved.

  2. This is so true. Sometime I feel like the one always being saved (mostly by your mother) It's a wonderful feeling to be the one picking your friend up off of the road and setting them on solid ground. I know you do that Melissa. That's the gift God gave you. You are a blessing to many people. Some people keep getting themselves in the dangling position over and over again. God's grace is amazing. Even if we get run over He is there with arms wide open to welcome us.