Tuesday, February 2, 2010

irritations and what to do for them...

so, some minor irritations are a part of my life right now.

my laptop. it's awesome, but it's not connecting to the internet. minor irritation #1.

the library. it's great, but i just spent an hour and a half there working on the middle school lesson. i made it look awesome. it was great. i went to sent it, after saving it... and couldn't find it anywhere. so, the last 1 1/2 hour... wasted. irritation #2.

ummmmm.... i can't really think of any more irritations right now. i guess if it's just those 2 right now than life is pretty stinking great! God is good. i'm blessed :)

oh yeah, and it made it all better when i drove throught the drive through at mcdonalds and used my coupon for my free caramel frappe....


  1. irritating:car troubles. Caleb's put a few dents in mine since we've been here(not his fault). Cars are expensive. Wish we could walk or transport everywhere.