Thursday, January 28, 2010

the past

when is the past history? is it 10 minutes? is it 10 days? is it 10 months? how about 10 years? sure, history books aren't written until 100's if not 1000's of years later. but, seriously... lets just say i screwed up 10 years ago. when is that history? if i've been living a Godly life since then does that mean i am free from that "sin"? is it okay to try to live life without being worried that i will be labeled because of the past? i understand the whole live and learn thing... but, what about the live, learn, and move on? i can't stay stuck in something? if i have repented of my past... become 100% devoted to Jesus, and living for him daily i'm pretty sure that is when i am able to move on. will the world allow it? yes, there are consequences for my actions... so, i serve my consequences and move on. right?

imagine i did something really, really, really stupid when i was 20. imagine i sold pot at a park. i should have gotten a felony. instead i got some jail time and community service and it was talked down to a misdemeanor. during this jail time and community service i decided to repent. so, i repented. i wanted to live for Jesus. but, people still look at me as a criminal. people still look at me as a druggie. people won't allow me to live to my potential... even though God called me to do things beyond i could ever imagine. God is God and i am not. unfortunately not everyone has been gifted with the gift of discernment and grace. i have been clean for 10 years... ever since that last time 10 years ago. are you ready to forgive me yet? are you ready to live the life that God has called me to?

what if? what if God calls a person that lived the above life into full time ministry? would they be accepted? does it matter if they would be accepted by men? how would they pursue that ministry if they weren't accepted by men?

are all sins the same? of course they are. and they aren't. but, when it is past... does God offer the same grace... the same potential? hmmmmmm... something to ponder.

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  1. I like your thoughts. I think it is history as soon as I have written these words. Yesterday is history. As for your "what if" example, one of my good friends growing up(in the family we hung out with a lot) did a lot of drugs and other bad stuff in high school and didn't want anything to do with God. Then he repented and has hardcore been following Jesus since then. I know he suffered consequences and some people from his past probably still see his "druggie" side, but I believe he is walking in grace and forgiveness and is a full time pastor of a church now with a family. People can and will think what they want, but only God truly knows the heart and will show others that if they are open and not judgmental. Look at Paul/Saul's life. Great example. :)