Friday, January 21, 2011


i went to a class on wednesday night on "forgotton God" by francis chan.  it was being taught by a friend of mine, niel deiner...  it is an excellent study.  i am enjoying it thoroughly.  anyway, my blog today is on learning.  i am learning a lot of different things.  the first thing i want to talk about i was reminded of by a conversation i had with my son on the way into church on wednesday.  i said something about him going to his class while i went to a class that niel was teaching.  and i said to him... "do you remember niel and stacey?"  and he said.  "yeah.  i met them once.  their my  mom and dad."  i was like... uh, no....  you're daddy and i are your mom and dad and we're the only ones you'll ever have.  and maz was adamant...  no, mom.  niel and stacey are my mom and dad.  this discussion went on for a while.   it just made me thing, "who's your daddy?"  in a spiritual sense.  i wasn't thinking earthly dads and moms anymore.  i was thinking spiritually.  God is our daddy.  and, sometimes we forget it.  we replace Him with other things or people.   we can replace Him with good things and people, but if we're replacing Him at all then well...  we've forgotten who our daddy is.

God, help me to never again forget who YOU are.

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