Wednesday, January 20, 2010

wheel of fortune, raspberries, and other random thoughts...

My son just saw a commercial for Fish Oil vitamins and said, "Oooooh! It protects your heart!"

He brightens my world. For some reason, I had a little bit of a rough day. There really wasn't a reason for it... like, nothing even really happened that should have made it rough. I played with my boy when we woke up. We hung out here with friends in the morning, he took a nap, I relaxed, made dinner for my family, paid some bills. No reason to be in a rough spot. Sometimes it just happens, ya know? We've got pretty much the same routine after dinner every night. We watch the Wheel of Fortune.... which I've decided tonight that we should sign up to be Wheel Watchers for. Seriously, it is my dream to be on that show, so I can at least live vicariously by being a wheel watcher. People win stuff. Sounds good to me. After "The Big Wheel," as we call it in the Hullinger household, Maz asks for a bath. So he gets a bath... most nights. There are nights that he doesn't because, well, we're lazy. He'll say something to the effect of, "Mama, I want you to give me my bath tonight and then daddy will put me to bed." or vice versa. So, that's our evening. Maz watches the big wheel with us, then he takes a bath, then he goes to bed. Then Michael and I watch whatever else is good that night... or we play a game... or we hang out. Whatever.

We're big fans of "Everybody Loves Raymond." That's what we're watching right now. Unfortunately, I think Ray Ramono has since sold out. It's such a good show. But now he's on some other show... I haven't seen it. It looks funny, but also trashy.

We are also big fans of Survivor. We started watching that last season, and now we're excited for the next season.

24. Yep, we like that too.

Raspberries. We love 'em! Maz gives 'em out like candy. He blows on foreheads, arms, whatever. Good times.

So, I am still praying that God leads me to a pot of gold or something. I would figure since he told me to stay home with Maz for now, that he'll do something like that. Right? Right. So yeah. I'm trusting him :) Love ya, God!

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