Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a post that brought back memories from 2001 :)

this video post is awesome! just saying. i don't even know if adam knows that i read his blog, but i do... and this most recent post of him feeding a giraffe is awesome :) it's an actual video. i wish i would have done something cool like that. it did bring back some crazy memories though.

the memories it brought back were of my time in the middle east. i had the chance to ride a camel in jordan... don't know why i didn't i think it was something stupid like i didn't have a dollar or something like that. but, it was awesome anyway. i loved my trip out there. i went with YWAM out of Denver. It was a great experience. I went to a Discipleship Training School there for 3 months. Then I went on an outreach with some amazing people to the Middle East. We went to Cypress, Jordan, and England. While we were in Jordan I saw the camels, went on a fairy ride to Egypt, and toured in Isreal on some of our time off. While in Cypress I had a man try to read my fortune (while walking by myself like an idiot at night), had men propose to me (while with the group) along with the other girls, and got rejected when painting childrens faces. That's right. I mean I painted like a heart or something and the mom took the little boy to one of my friends and said something to the effect of, "that sucks. can you make something better?" only she didn't speak english. anywho... yeah. while in england we had tons of fun with emmas mom and dad. we hung out with the kiddos from their church. we had tons and tons of fun.

anyway... just some random fun times that i was rememberring from my past. did this video bring back any memories for you?


  1. That is awesome. I have never ridden a camel. Did you keep a journal or take pictures of that time? I want to see them if you have some.

    Thought I'd comment since no one has for awhile...we both read your stuff when you post so keep posting about life. You guys are awesome.

    Remember when I lived in your tiny bedroom in southmore and didn't know you guys that well? :)

  2. Yo...Did you go on a fairy ride or a ferry ride? Because that TOTALLY changes the story!? LOL and whenever I see 2001, I totally think of 9/11 because I was in the Army at the time and it was NOT good times. You just inspired me to blog another post about the Army...it's time 2 continue that story...