Friday, December 11, 2009


i LOVE to laugh.

hahahahaha. (long and loud and clear)

so, i love to laugh. sometimes i do things that i think are funny.... and they would be funny to middle schoolers, but sometimes i guess they are not funny to the general public. my bad. that's why i LOVE middle schoolers. i tell people.... "i learned everything i needed to know in middle school." it's not really true, and i definitely wouldn't want to go back and relive those days, but i do still have that humor. sorry. it's just true. i don't want to hurt people. i'm a real people pleaser. but, man... i just love to laugh. so, have a laugh with me. try it. you'll feel younger. for real.

one thing i do not want is to hurt you with my words. so please.... if i do hurt you with my words.... punch me in the throat. no, for real doe.... punch me hard. okay, maybe not.... but yeah.... i try to laugh in love. so, try it on for size. laugh in love. good times.

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