Sunday, December 27, 2009

on hearing God

so, in the past week i can very distinctly hearing (or seeing, or learning from, however you wnat to put it) God in 2 different situations. i want to share those here...

first, one morning i was outside with my son, mazerick, how is 3. we were all bundled up and standing on the street corner. there was snow everywhere. he was in an awesome mood. he was so happy. he stood on the corner with me... our road is fairly busy... and whenever he saw a car he waved, expecting them to wave in return. when the person in the car waved back he was ecstatic. the thing is though... he was expecting them to wave back. there were a few times that the person did not see him, or he waved to late.... it was only in those situations that the person did not wave back. how can someone resist a totally cute 3 year old waving ecstatically? seriously:) anyway, God spoke to me through that. it was kind of like he was saying... "when you get that excited to hang out with me... or to hear me... how can i not smile? how can i not come to you?" hmmmmmm... just my thoughts.

another was on christmas eve... my husband, son, and myself took some donuts to my grandmas assisted living place. i took some into the nursing home part. while i was there i saw the old guy... nearly 100, in his wheelchair rolling by an old lady... (not to uncommon for a nursing home)... but he said to her... "move over, beautiful... it's christmas!" it was SO cute.... and God spoke to me through that too. he said to me... "it doesn't matter where you are at in life... it makes no difference.... you have the ability to make someone smiile." hmmmmm... just some more of my thoughts...

be blessed.

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