Sunday, June 19, 2011

on following God

so, has God ever shown you something that was super crazy?  like, given you a very specific calling that you just thought was absurd?  yeah.  me too.  so, did you heed his advice and go with it?  or, did you go with your own plans?  i've done both.  actually i'm in the middle of some insane stuff that God has called me to do and it's HARD.  i am not sure, but i guess i thought being in the center of God's will would be easier.  i have heard from God.  i am following Him.... but here i am.  there are a few things that i KNOW that i KNOW that i KNOW God told me to do.

  1. Marry Michael Hullinger (he's the coolest)
  2. Allow Michael to Lead...  (follow him)  
  3. Quit your job (over a year ago now... and that was HARD!)
  4. Open a Youth Center in Bremen (what?!  I'm not qualified to do that!  i've got nothing)
well, i listened and obeyed.  and, i wish i could say it's all been easy.  i wish i could say it's all been smooth.  i love my life and wouldn't wish for another, but man is it hard sometimes.  i absolutely am ecstatic that i do get to be married to my best friend.  that's pretty awesome.  following him is kinda hard sometimes... just saying.  but, i know without a shadow of a doubt that God put me in this position and he put Michael in his position of authority to fulfill his purposes in our lives :)  quitting my job?  now that was crazy?  why the heck would i do that?  it was good money.  but, they did treat me like crap, so.... it happened.  i can't imagine what the last year and half would have been like had i stayed.  it's been the most joyous year and half of my life... being a stay at home mom... watching my kiddo so closely... it's been awesome.  i'm blessed.  open a youth center... okay.  i can do that.  sounds like a good time.  actually it quickly became something i was extremely passionate about.  i never thought i would go through everything i did in the process...  but, it's the way it is.  very soon i will have an official grand opening....  'The Den" will be run out of my garage.  sounds strange, but it's simple.  pool table, air hockey table, carpet ball table, big screen tv, video games...  fun times.  there is now a place in bremen for teenagers to just be.   no expectations.  acceptance.  yep.  God is good.  although i don't always understand what he has for me to do i know that if i trust and obey the center of his will is the best place to be.

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