Monday, December 13, 2010


School was cancelled here in Bremen today. Not a good day. I live in town so I'm not too sure why school was cancelled. There is some snow on the ground, but I thought we could handle a little snow. I guess there is a winter storm warning or something. Oh well. It is what it is. Unfortunately, today I am irritated. And, well.... it's not fun to be irritated. So, now is a good time to list my blessings.

*relationships... This could be an entire list of names, but it would be difficult to make the list complete because really there are so many relationships that are simply blessings to me.

*hugs and kisses... I've got this little boy here that is pretty much always available for a hug or kiss :)

*a warm home


*a vision... God gave me a vision for a youth center in Bremen... i continued seeking Him, praying, praying, and praying some more... and it looks as if this vision may become a reality soon.

I've been praying like crazy for God to work in me and through me... and I know that He will have his way in my life. But, that doesn't mean there won't be difficult days. And, well... that sucks. Every day should be amazing :)

Yet today I will end with a quote that my friend shared on her page....

To be blessed doesn't mean that you are untroubled, healthy, admired, or prosperous. It means that all is well between you and God, that you are deeply secure and profoundly content in God even though you may be weeping over the pain of a sick body, a deteriorating mind, a rebellious spirit, or a dysfunctional relationship. The blessing is not that He gives us what we want but that He gives us Himself, especially in our painful places."-- Nancy Guthrie, One Year Book of Hope, p. 331

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that I have so many blessings, even when my baby refuses to take a nap!